Key West Reef Snorkel Tickets

Key West Reef Snorkel Tickets

This is the easiest and best place to buy your reef snorkel tickets off the docks of Key West. Plan to have The very Best Time if you pick full sunshine days for the most water clarity. This is a true water based adventure that is perfect for couples and families. Sail on the sunny days either day or the sunset part night trip! Expect to have the best time on the boat trips.
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This is the kind of thing that you want to make sure you do. At least spend one day doing some watersports fun. Check your schedule and look at the weather report, and pick your trip according to the most sunny day possible. The water clarity is really enhanced when you have a good sun that is bright and beating down through the water. We so much to enjoyed the dolphin watch tour. The boats are magnificent and to ride on. We think it's better to do the snorkel trips during the middle of the day rather than the snorkel and Sunset Cruise combos. Having that bright sun makes things a lot better when you're Underwater looking at the fish and the reefs. You need to figure out how much time you have and that will kind of dictate which water sports adventurer you want to participate in. If you can do nothing else at all, just go out on the Sunset Sail and have a few cold beers and enjoy a wonderful time. The live music sail is probably the best thing to do where you don't get wet.

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Sunny Days Reef Trips

201 Elizabeth Street
Key West FL 33040
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