Enjoying the Best of Key Largo

The little things are what makes the island so special. Being out on the water is such a treat. Easily the best thing to do is going for a kayak paddle. If you can take your dog out on the kayak as a passenger, it is just a bit more memorable! This is living and doing some fitness in style.
Bennett A.

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Double Seat Kayaks are Wonderful

I like the double seat kayaks for newbies to Florida Keys Kayaking. Yes, one person can tire out and the other keeps going. Taking turns paddling is very nice. Do not forget the whistle, it does come in handy once in awhile.

Rusty O.

Taking Dogs to the Florida Keys

Dogs love the island paradise too! The dog park in Islamorada is nice. Ideas to liven-up your day with tropical appeal is kayak ride. A good place for all kinds of doggie fun at the park or in the water.

Harris V.

Coco Plum Dog Beach

We like Coco Plum Beach for dog play as the beach area is huge. It is shallow and great for dog toss.

Luisa L.

Dive In Kayaks

80 East 2nd Street
Key Largo FL 33037

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