Where to Kayak in Key Largo

An excellent area because of the nature and water clarity. Parking is right along the road, with plenty of room since most of this area is not built up. You can tour the mangrove trails and see more marine life than during the Glassbottom Boat ride. Pick a different route each time here.
Barney B.

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Upper Keys Kayak Launching

After you do your mangrove trail touring, stop over at Ship Wrecks. It is less than 100 yards away and has the famous $1 Beer Happy Hours! Sit inside or out.

Mason L.

Mile Marker 106 Kayak Ramp

It was just magnificent and very scenic. Do go and Kayak Key Largo. This is a secret launch spot, so please keep it that way! It has always had free parking. Perfect to explore on a kayak or boat.

Brendon D.

Florida Keys Kayak Launch Location

This is a gem of a Florida Keys Kayak Launch Location. Wow, just go on google maps and zoom in using satellite mode. You can see the various trails, islands, and you can then pick your route based up the wind. Use the land mass to block the wonderfully strong sea breeze.

Lillian M.

Kayak Rattlesnake Key

51 Garden Cove Drive
Key Largo FL 33037

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