Upper Keys Coconut Palm

Upper Keys Coconut Palm

It was like hitting a home run, as we knew it was great when we walked the property. The water behind the hotel was just so calm, clean, and clear. It was a pleasure to stick my feet in and we did mega Kayaking from the hotel too. Some spots just have a wow factor. We spent so many fun hours at the swimming pool. Yeah for Margaritas!
Lawrence Q.

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Harborview Hotel in Tavernier

It was so nice having that little grocery store just a short walk a way. We went to the Sunshine Supermarket & Food? so many times. It was a savior. You cannot miss it right near mile marker 92, on the Overseas Highway in Tavernier.

Brendan I.

A winner for the Swimming Pool

This was a nice pick for sure. Last year we stayed at the Hilton. The swimming pool is better here, since it is on the waterfront. The Hilton Pool is out by the road.

Cliff T.

Upper Keys Coconut Palm

Watersports abound for the adrenaline seeking enthusiast and that is what made the stay here so fun. It is a pretty area that Nature Lovers enjoy, as you can go fast on a Jet Ski or sightseeing speed on a kayak. The watersports were the best to do.

Sergio E.

Coconut Palm

198 Harborview Drive
Tavernier FL 33070

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