Harriette's is just too Charming

This is a special opportunity to be treated so nicely. Yummy food with a hometown smile! Big Muffins are something I like to get every-time. Part of a Key Largo Vacation are neat spots like here at this Key Largo Diner. Please pass the word on this fine Florida Keys Restaurant.
Noreen R.

reader feedback

Great Area of the Florida Keys for Dining

Loved the food here and Key Largo is so nice in general. We enjoyed the uncrowded shorelines and Snorkeling from right behind our hotel next to the restaurant. Clean and upbeat city.

Lourdes L.

Finding the Very Best Restaurants

Yeah, yeah, and I found the Harriette's video too! She is so nice with the best muffin recipes and now a friend of FLKeysToday.com! Good job with the video here at mile marker 99.

Hattie N.

Big Breakfast with a Smile

The verdict is in. My Mom LOVES the Harriette video and she is sending it to her friend Martha (who spends her winters in Marathon)! They are working the restaurant itinerary. Yeah.

Rodrigo K.

Celebrated for the fluffy Homemade Biscuits

A sure fire spot to hit during your trip. Home of the Florida Keys Breakfast Biscuit! Where you are treated like family.

Clarissa I.

Smoked Bacon and Egg Breakfast Sandwich

Stopped in and got one of the specials, the Smoked Bacon and Egg Breakfast Sandwich. Very nicely done and it mixes layers of fluffy eggs, red onions, melted cheddar cheese, and crisp smoked florida bacon on a hot ciabatta roll, what a treat to eat. Good coffee and fast service since everything is about ten yards wide. Small inside, but outstanding. Big muffin are a bit pricy. I will be back, but no muffins, just the breakfast special and coffee.

Adalberto N.


95700 Overseas Highway
Key Largo FL 33037-2046

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