City Center Curry Hotel

City Center Curry Hotel

Setting up my plans and reservations now for another trip down. Found out about the history of the hotel and wanted to know more. I took the tour of the property (open 10am to 5pm) and just fell in love. The tour is a really good selling feature.
Rico K.

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Pick your Hotel Room Style

Pick from a host of zany room styles, each is all dressed up. They got really creative, but keep everything in time with the property. Clean and fun too. Love the Cheesesteaks at Mr Z's Restaurant.

Fran T.

City Center Curry Hotel

Planning our trip to the fabulous Curry Mansion. I am talking about getting some things for rain. Yes it sometimes just pours for an hour or more. Being ready for the next big rain, we can walk to fun destinations. Rain will not beat us! No way...we are not scared like the six-toed kitties at Hemingway's!

Amy S.

Quaint accommodations in Old Town

I found out that in Key West there are not many hotels overlooking the beaches, so we figured downtown was the spot. In Old Town there are lots of quaint accommodations, and it is Nice to Stay at a cozy inn with the bed-n-breakfasts treats. It has tons of its own unique character and atmosphere. Very near Duval, 40 yards!

Colleen N.

Vacations to Florida's Bar Headquarters

Caroline Street is like being in the city center. The property is an old (fixed up sweetly) Victorian mansion. We spent a bunch of time down at the bar headquarters at the Historic Seaport. Ask about the hotel's cocktail party. Park under big shade trees. Do not take home any Key West Chickens!

Darcy T.

Curry Mansion

511 Caroline Street
Key West FL 33040

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