Places for Children in Key West

This is one of the places that you might not see if you do not walk the entire length of Duval Street. Thank goodness I had my sony hd video camcorder with me. We love this exhibit and it is perfect for testing you close-up video capturing skills.
Angelica N.

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Video Capture Techniques for Youtube

Seems that most of the new camcorders can handle very tight shots without going to manual micro mode. Just do not zoom in too quickly to reduce the amount of artifices. The butterflies here are so colorful and quick.

Lawrence I.

Super Attractions for Children in Key West

Great for those with small kids, just tell them not to eat any of the lovely critters. Some do look like candy. For a nearby grocery store, we use Fausto's at 1105 White Street. We made salad every day during the trip, because the evenings were all about beer and mojitos. Our stay at the Douglas House was nice, there you get a full kitchen suite.

Wally A.

Wings of Imagination

1316 Duval Street
Key West FL 33040

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