Local's Park Key West

Local's Park Key West

The more of your time you spend on bicycles, the better you will understand local life. All of the major attractions have nice pathways and sidewalks systems to get you around. Plan on seeing all kinds of neat little parts of the islands, like Local's Park Key West. All sorts of people live down in Key West and not every body has a wad of $20 bills in their pocket! Nearly everyone though has a big smile on the face all day.
Geri H.

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Good things to do along the Waterfront

This part of the island is so well maintained. Tennis is next door, the four free courts. The Key West Garden Club is at the West Martello Garden Park, just across the street. Local plants are donated by citizens and maintained by locals acting as volunteers.

Jillian J.

Parks to enjoy around the Island

What a weekend, we saw the Suenalo Music Band at Turtle Kraals. Plus, the Florida Keys Seafood Festival was so nice at Bayview Park. Yeah to the local commercial fishermen, this event is for them. It gets to you as it features the freshest seafood served picnic style. All this at Bayview Park in Key West.

Lynwood C.

Local's Park

1001 Atlantic Boulevard
Key West FL 33040

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