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You really get a few things out of the trip, more than fishing fun. It starts with the sightseeing from up high on the boat. You can see so much from right where the boat starts out at the dock. Just coming in and and out of the Port of Key West is a dream thing to do.
Eula W.

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We Caught about 8 Pounds

It is definitely a ship, very big and cozy as it plows through the waves. Two bathrooms and clean water to keep your hands clean. Make sure to pay attention and keep your lines in the water. Our two kids just smiled all the way through.

Wyatt N.

Going fishing on a Huge Boat

Great trip it was on the big Party Fishing boat. It was a lot better than we thought. You get to catch a bunch of fish and watch the rest of the fishing guests catch many things too. Very exciting and you can eat the fish.

Katrina H.


951 Caroline Street
Key West FL 33040

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