Smokin Tuna

Just had to report on a very neat spot that we continue to go to, as any bar we repeat is a winner. Call me picky! Yes, this is one of the fun bars that locals love here on the Island.

I am Old Town regular, working at Goldman's Deli and Mr Z's and hit the music scene on a weekly basis. The Smoking Tuna Saloon has the coolest little tucked away location at 4 Charles Street Key West.

All the best bands play here, like the beloved Mile Marker 24 Band. Please post some love to the Smokin Tuna. All smiles!

We saw the Joe Bachman Band play here during the March Spring Break. Nice spot, we would recommend it for live music, nightlife, and cheap beer specials.
Zachary B.

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Party Life is Cocktail Time

You really have put together a fantastic list of Florida Keys Videos on your website. I am not sure that any other website publisher has what your team does. Good Job! I really like the multi-camera approach. Which we could do if I can get my girlfriend recording too. Nicely done.

Ines U.

Keeping up Old Town Booze Bars

The smokin tuna is on facebook too, so we are following them there too. What a great bar. I like the Smallest Bar so much too. Actually, perhaps there is not a bar I do not like in Key West! Call me easy.

Kerri C.

Where to find the Keys Time Band

Please post up the Howard Livingston Website Schedule. These are some really good events. We get so many questions about the band at the front desk. Running a hotel in Key West means you know and have to get guests to the Mile Marker 24 live music events. And give us some love at the Eden House!

Stephan L.

Bars we love to hit for fun

Fantastic! Hey, how about putting some more Howard Livingston videos up please! The band is hot. They call this Tropical Music. It just has the right vibe. They just need to get rid of the Johnson motor and get an Mercury Electric that runs on seaweed!

Carrie I.

Party Time Fun Bars

Key West is being talked about in the same breath as New Orleans a place to vacation and enjoy the best of live entertainment. Walk into The Tuna Bar, they all leave raving about the vibe and feel of the place.

Most of the entertainment is eclectic, and enjoy country groups, blues, rock. The real winners on the menu are the entrees, plus the potato skins stuffed with seafood.

Seth I.

Smokin' Tuna Saloon

4 Charles Street
Key West FL 33040

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