Mile Marker Zero

Mile Marker Zero

Keep your camera and/or video camcorder ready as there are neat things around every corner. The city is loaded with free places to explore and capture the moment. We love the cool stuff like the Begin US Highway One sign over on Whitehead.

After Mile Marker Zero head to more places and Keep the Camera Ready. Over at Sloppy Joes, you have to get some footage in front of their 24/7 webcam. They have a sign and it is just cool as you video tape the scene on this side of their video camera.

We love shooting video and taking photo ops. Both the Circle K and Kmart has sd memory cards for your camera.
Keenan L.

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Join us as we blog our incredible trip! It was originally marked with a sign, which was often stolen, so the city placed a marker that could not be removed. We are headed to Key West before our summer season starts. It is one of the most visited and photographed attraction in Key West.

My only issue was getting a speeding ticket on us1 heading down. I paid the ticket and feel better about doing so. After talking to a lawyer and a few people at geico, it is a breath of fresh air to pay the ticket and put it behind me. The geico auto insurance people said my perfect driving record will keep me from being penalized for one mistake! Now I can move on with my life and shower up for the Hong Kong Restaurant for dining tonight.

Gussie K.

Sightseeing Ideas

500 Whitehead Street
Key West FL 33040

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