Topless in Key West Hotel

Topless in Key West Hotel

We are certain that many people will feel this is the very best place to stay down here on the island. The topless optional feature definitely adds a nice twist! Everything is so nice and you will love the swimming pools and the fantastic food. A really good breakfast starts the day and there is a poolside bar to take advantage of. It was perfect for our for nights of party times here in the city.
Mindy L.

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Great Location and lots of Smiles

Just fantastic. It is great and we would recommend it over again. You can get to the South Street Beach in just a couple of minutes, and Duval is right here. What a party! Great people and lots of laughter and good-times.

Frankie F.

Stay close to Duval

Go condo, bungalow, or standard room, as this town has lots to pick from. Things are so much more enjoyable when you stay close to Duval. This historic Key West Hotel is very impressive. Everything was just perfect for us, we like the hotels options in Key West. The way they remodel and update these properties is nice.

Other hotels we liked, make a nice second choice. The property here is smack in the middle of the action. It is a fun area off south street, with lots to do and you can just walk to it. An exceptional area for Beer Bars and sightseeing. This part of the island near the Southernmost Guest House stays bustling all day and night long. This town has a lot of options.

Linda V.


525 United Street
Key West FL 33040

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