Trolley Tour Stop 10

I love this part of the island. Easily one of the coolest stops to jump off the trolley and get a little video-photo at the Southernmost Point. The shop has lots of gifts and Ana's Patio Restaurant is fantastic. The Buoy itself is so large because people used to steal the variety of signs used in the years prior to the big buoy. Can you guess how much it weighs?
Julie N.

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Jump on and off at the Trolley Stops

It is really cool to ride the trolley, A good Thing to Do on the first day as you learn so much. The round trip lasts about an hour and a half, but, you can jump on and off, with free-reboarding. The Conch Train does not do it that way. The entire trip is fully narrated, that is where the learning comes in. Later, when you tour on bikes, the tour information comes back to you.

Joshua U.

Southernmost Trolley Ride Bus

We have a bicycle-scooter rental shop there on South Street, A&M Rentals. Where do locals go for sandwiches in Key West? Yes, Ana's Southernmost Deli is really good and take a look at their prices, easily on the low end for sandwiches. Sitting outside is nice, they serve breakfast too. You can Order at the Window. Big thumbs up!

Burt Z.

Really Exceptional Things to Do

It is cool to see so many of the hotels, restaurants, and attractions all along the tour route. When you arrive on the island, be sure to pick up a map of the trolley stops. With all the changes in technology there is one thing that hasn't changed, tourists still love a tour ride. The tour is fun and fast, making it an very effective form of seeing a lot.

Bonita E.

Trolley Stop Ten

511 South Street
Key West FL 33040

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