Old Town Trolley Tours

Everyone enjoys the trolley ride, this is one of the most popular and highly rated things to do in Key West. You relax, sit back, and enjoy the view. All the while, the driver has a microphone and is commenting on various aspects and historic tidbits on the interesting parts of Key West. Every ride is unique, as the drivers do vary the route and bounce items off the crowd. With audience participation, everything has some spontaneity to it. What a fun tour.
Marquis V.

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Easy Key West Learning Guide

Everyone will love this ride, as you have so much fun while exploring the City of Key West. The driver is what makes the show, as they narrate your tour tossing in historic facts intermixed in with lots of comedy.

Melva U.

Take notes during the Ride

If you can do this on the first day, you have all that you see to further plan to fit in. We had no idea about Fort Taylor Park until they told us about it on the tour. Great for learning places to go on your vacation.

Eugenia V.

Very Entertaining for All Ages

For sure the Old Town Trolley is the one. We want to take this trip since it is the tour that has second day free.

Wilburn E.

Old Town Trolley Tours

201 Front Street
Key West FL 33040

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