Marathon Florida Keys Bay Resort

Marathon Florida Keys Bay Resort

What a location, as we had loads of marathon florida restaurants and bars withing a short bike ride. Fat Buoyz is really cool and the Seven Mile Marina is here for Boat Rentals. We just did a little pre-planning, as you want to bring all the water-toys.

Marathon is excellent and blew us away. You never have to eat at the same place twice. Loads of good places all the way to the northern island's end at Key Colony Beach (Sparkys is there with live tunes). Yes, Live Music every single Night.

Wow, this is my kind of party town. A week-long vacation in the subtropical Florida Keys is just too nice. We got to see the 100+ anniversary of the completion of Flagler Florida Keys Railroad. It is a nice Florida Keys rv pick locations for Water Vacations.
Liza B.

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Middle Keys RV Park

An ideal location to do all of the stuff, as the middle Keys allows you to venture in both directions. Take a day trip or two to Key West, plus there is Everglades National Park and Pennekamp State Park in Key Largo. You cannot miss the beautiful coral reefs, we have Sombrero Reef right here off of Marathon. Take your pick with snorkel or scuba dive. Yes, there are lots to do plus the fabulous Reef Dives.

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Florida Keys RV

We are helping out with the Pigeon Key Festival get ready weekend. It seems like painting the front porch is the top priority. If you have time, I would like to pick up some paint this weekend. This part of the property needs to be spiced up, as everything else is nicely painted inside.

That I have the tree trimming operation down a steady completion path, it is time to paint! People take the boat from here to Pigeon Key so we volunteered to help keep up the property.

Jordon I.

Knights Key

1 Knights Key Boulevard
Marathon FL 33050-0525

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