Outdoor Living Headquarters

Outdoor Living Headquarters

One of the places that I fell for the first time we went in. The colors and varieties are so cool. You will be thinking of what the best place is at your home to add a little bit of flare. I love the swinging chairs, just perfect for that big tree in my yard!
Cody G.

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What a cool home improvement addition

We got two and they have directions, it was a breeze to install. When you put one in, just focus on the height from the bottom (when sitting) and the distance from the floor. Three feet was good for us, but you can go lower if you want your feet to touch as you swing. Great stuff, so glad I picked these up.

Warren H.

Key West Home Improvement Store

This is a great store with all sorts of the finest hammocks and Hammock furniture. Outdoor furniture is huge in Florida, especially with all of our real estate on the waterfront. You will not believe the selection and then all you need is a good Hemingway book.

Millicent J.

Hammocks make a property Shine

I cannot wait to finish the hotel upgrades and have all our new Hammock around the property. If they call from the Hammock Shop please tell them I wants to schedule a delivery any day this week, make it 1pm or later the following day. Preferably Thursday or Friday so it is close to the weekend. Since I am coming on Friday anyway. However, I am flexible and just cannot wait.

Randell E.

Hammocks hold the Beer Coolers too

Great website they have there at the Hammocks of Key West. I will look at them for sure on Duval. I might be able to fix them up to hold the beer during the parties. I wouldn't mind doing it. I like those chairs.

Seymour M.

Hammocks of Key West

717 Duval Street
Key West FL 33040

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