Crowne Plaza La Concha

Very impressed with the inspiring location, you can plan your day from up above the city. Guests can quickly get to all the cool stuff you want to see: sloppy joes, Captain Tony's and Fast Buck Freddies to name a few. This is one hotel where you can actually live without any transportation at all.

Walk to Fausto's grocery, coffee shops, bars and anything else in the city center. Just use bikes to explore farther away parts of the island. This is a sure thing, you have to have drinks up top. We go here every trip, it is amazing to party and chat. Nice is a hotel with the cool Rooftop Bar.

The Fantasy Fest poster signing is coming up and held here. Get your poster signed by the artist, of this years poster winner. The bar on the rooftop is the best for having a lively libation or two. Posters will be on sale. Hotels that are excellent for Fantasy Fest get no better than here.
Kory L.

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The fun surrounds the Hotel in every direction

Looking for to the upcoming celebrity look-alike contest that they are having here at the bar. Yes, this is for anybody that reminds people of someone famous. They have an announcer and each person comes out and it is a hoot. These free comedy events are just the best thing going on here in Key West.

Warren S.

Crowne Plaza La Concha

What are some of the most scenic spots in Key West? I enjoyed seeing the video from the rooftop of La Concha Hotel in downtown Key West. The hotel is in a great location, right in the center of town, on Duval Street. It makes getting around really easy. You can practically walk anywhere from this hotel.

Hyman V.

La Concha

430 Duval Street
Key West FL 33040

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