Five Minutes Until a Key West Sunset Video

It is a special time of day for all that visit here to the Florida Keys. This sunset video shows the last five minutes of the day, it is so relaxing to see. When you visit Key West, there are hundreds of excellent spots to see the sunset. A few of my favorite are: Second Floor Bar at Schooner War, Simonton Street Pier, Galleon Tiki Bar, and the Picnic Area at Taylor Park.
Valarie M.

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Where to watch the sunset in Key West

There isn't a better place for sunset parties, than to be than right here in Key West! I will have to recommend the upstairs bar at Turtle Kraal's on the Seaport. Enjoy a spacious waterfront setting, cocktails, drink specials, and nice atmosphere. We like to drink and take in the view of the boats and the water.

Mickey Z.

Trop Rock makes the vibe so nice

Nightly you get to hear different styles of Trop Rock by the musical entertainers here and at the music bars. We love the stuff and are so into the Tropical Rock Genre. You know, they mix the congas, steel drum, with rock or island style percussion instruments. Nothing beats that island sound.

Briana R.

Five Minutes til Sunset

510 Greene Street
Key West FL 33040

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