Mile Marker 100 Restaurant

Denny's is the place to get cafe con leche and all the rest of coffee drinks. We loved it all and would recommend it for a pit stop in Key Largo. Hopefully they will stay open even later in the future, it is the spot for late night snacks.

Right in the heart of the action here, just before the road splits and you cannot see The Other Side. Cheap and Tasty Spanish Restaurant is here for you. This is Where to stop for cheap restaurant driving down the Florida Keys Highway?

I Love this Upper Keys Restaurant. Best between bread is the pan de media noche or simply the Midnight Sandwich.
Dario N.

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Mile Marker 100 Restaurant

This is a little cafe right next to our hotel (Bayside Inn), about a block away. Perfect for all those fancy Coffee Drinks (Iced Cafe Latte, White Mocha, Skinny Latte, Cafe Mocha, Americano, Jamaican Coffee). The owner also has the attached discount Liquor Store and a new sandwich-pizza shop called, The Place. All three are side by side.

Patty K.

Just like the Coffee Beanery

Cuban Coffee is so good and my picks are first the Mocha Cream, which mixes fresh brewed coffee, creamy chocolate, hint of orange and vanilla extract, topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. You know that is a winner, but right behind it is The Cafe Carmel. That starts with fresh brew coffee, caramel, and milk, with a clump of cold whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

Chad F.

Low Calorie Coffee Recipes

The coffee drink for the ladies is the Skinny Latte. Yes, to keep the bikini just right. The menu recipe is for fresh house coffee brew with steamed fat-free milk, to keep the calories down nice and low.

Annabelle D.

Steak Dinners in Key Largo

Our picks here at the Pan con Bistec Sandwich (grilled top sirloin steak on cuban bread), Pollo en Salsa Barbacoa (barbecue roasted chicken), or always a winner the Sandwich de Pollo (grilled chicken steak on cuban bread). You can get the food to go and take it out on the boat. Nothing beats lunch out on the boat!

Devon N.

Go with the Chicken Tacos

Very good chicken tacos here. These are mexican street-style tacos served on soft stone ground tortillas, filled with grilled chicken, red onion, fresh guacamole, sour cream and cilantro. The Galley by the Holiday Inn Harbor has really good fish tacos.

Blanche Q.

Overseas Highway Restaurants

Question: can you tell us a nice place to stop and eat at a cheap restaurant driving down the Overseas Highway? Not something that takes a long time, more of a quick in and out meal.

Answer: you will find great cuban lunch, sandwiches, and coffee at Denny's cafe in Key Largo. It is a deli and has lots of hot food and sandwiches already prepared, for the quick in and out you prefer. Enjoy.

Jenna O.

Denny's Latin Cafe

99600 Overseas Highway
Key Largo FL 33037-2454

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