Cudjoe Key Boat Ramp

Cudjoe Key Boat Ramp

This is one boat ramp that hardly anyone knows about or uses since it is not near a city center. You will see plenty of sharks running around and that is part of a sunny day experience. Flats boating and Kayaking is a true treat because you can see so good down below. It is all the way at the end of Blimp Road.
Noe E.

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Very Pretty Out in the Backcountry

This is an extremely isolated area, so make sure all you communication equipment is ready with a back up. You should file a boat travel plan with a buddy and an expected return time. Having a navigational map is nice if you lose your GPS and navigational system power.

Antoine F.

Blimp Road Boat Ramp

North Blimp Road
Cudjoe Key FL 33042
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