Live Bait and Tackle Shop

Live Bait and Tackle Shop

You are going to love the fishing down here in Marathon, just be sure to use the live bait of the month. As the seasons change, the top live bait option might be a bit different from month to month. They will help you pick out the most appropriate bait to use for your target species. Fishing in Marathon is a pleasure and we like to catch yellowtail and mahi because they are so good to eat.
Ezra Z.

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Bottom Reef Fishing is so easy to do

We did a lot of fishing in the area and had good success tossing the cast net for bait. Bottom fishing is about as easy as it gets and it works well with live bait. It takes a lot of work to catch your own bait, so most people stop at the Bait Shop to save all that time.

Dolly D.

Hit the Traffic Free Fishing Bridges

The Bridge Fishing is really good down in the middle keys as they have traffic free spots to fish from. The long key bridge is a really good place to drop in some bait and get ready to reel. The water moves fast through the island waterways because of the tides and that means lots of moving fish.

Ignacio M.

Center Island Bait and Tackle

3740 Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail
Marathon FL 33050

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