Tools to Catch the Florida Keys Lobster

It is really fun and a lot more sporting than just looking around. We used to just observe everything, but now we want more on our trips. The lobster assassination kits give you the edge to increase your catch ratio.

Certainly, using just the net and size gauge is the most challenging way. Oh, gloves too of course. That is all we use, but admit it costs us plenty of getaways.

Looking forward to the two-day mini season event. Just found out that the start begins one hour before sunrise. No night diving for lobster then, it ends one hour after sunset each of the two days. After we head to Turtle Kraals Dockside or Shanna Key Irish Pub and Grill for Food and Cocktails with a smile.
Tristan F.

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Catching Lobster

Storms are part of the fishing trips in the Florida Keys. On the yellowtail bite, good for you Florida Travel Commander. You have hurricane proof windows too so that is a plus. I think you are going to get the storm worse than me.

Publix has 2-for-1 peanut butter. You should get some sandwich fixings and cereal in case there is no power. Peanut butter and apples go good together.

Russel I.

Lobster Kits

I will bring you the blue packs this weekend. They got buried in my freezer and I forgot to deliver them back! They do not hold fish smell and are super to keep the fish and lobster cold. Next weekend it is off on the boards as Girls do Paddle Boards Easy too and what good exercise, more than fishing trips. Be sure to bring your Pure Island Sandal Wearables for going in and out of the water.

Jayne N.

Lobster Assassination Kits

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