Long Key Underwater Spearfishing Reef Trips

Visitors come to this park on passing, as it is kind of out in the middle of nothing. However, the key is what is out on the water and better yet the reefs and Underwater dive trips. The park is great, just very quiet. However, if you bring a kayak or take a reef trip the limits for watersports play begin to open up big time.
Eddie U.

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Layton State Beach Park

This is about ten minutes north of Marathon, so that is where you go for nightlife. We stayed at the Edgewater Lodge, US Highway One at Mile Marker 65 and got to do mega boating around the Long Key area, both sides. Duck Key is close and there you can pull up and dock for dinner at Hawks Cay. Curry Hammock Park is also close by and has nice kayak trails to use for free if you have a kayak. Love the Spearfishing, and Mutton Snapper are all over the place. A year round Florida Keys fish. Here is the add website link to the Edgewater Lodge.

Graciela Y.

Parks for Picnics and Spearfishing

Spearfishing is sure entertaining in the Florida Keys, mainly because of the water clarity. I looked up the Omer Airbalete Speargun 110 on the Leisure Pro Website and it was about five hundred dollars, so it must be the real deal. The specifications were way above my head: a pneumatic speargun with a 6.75 mm diameter spring stainless spearshaft with a patented flopper system and a pump! I did understand it will shoot out 150 feet.

Randolph O.

Long Key State Park

67400 Overseas Highway
Long Key FL 33001

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