Kayak Paddling

Kayak Paddling

Surprises are in every corner of the Florida Keys and so are the kayak trails! This is a fantasy come true for all of us that just love the heck out of the waterfront and marine-life. Be sure to bring yours or Rent Kayaks while you are in town.

It is a true island experience. The nature is great, even not that far from the main roads. See all the stuff that blooms and swims in one shot!

You will see boat wrecks, other riders, mangrove trails, and more. The tropical plants that are indigenous to the climate just amaze me, like the coconuts.

This just might be the very best thing to do in the Florida Keys. We love this action on the water.
Barton C.

Paddling the Kayak

7 Geiger Road
Big Coppitt Key FL 33040

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