Marathon Center Boat Marina

Marathon Center Boat Marina

My boat does not drain completely on my boat ramp, any solutions? ? Any ideas on how to get my boat to drain a bit better on my boatlift. It became very apparent that each trip leaves water on the rear portion, after I wash it down. I have taken the plug out. Answer: there are typically easy ways to adjust your boatlift, thus increasing the angle of the boat supports and allow gravity to do its thing. Either shorten the cable lengths on the front two portions of your lift system or raise the front bunk height. Shortening the cable is typically the best way to get a 4 to 6 inch pitch, and this is part of a basic boatlift service call. Raising the front end, just an inch or two will have a big impact.
Shauna V.

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Sweet Marina Location

You get what you pay for and having dry storage is just first-rate. They have your boat in the water at the time you require. Park your car and go out for the day. If you are looking for a good boating zone, this marina is very close to vaca cut for quick in or out of the ocean access. When picking a marina for storage in the Florida Keys, focus on the closeness to an access bridge.

Mauricio J.

Coral Lagoon Marina

12399 Overseas Highway
Marathon FL 33050
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