Monroe Fishermen's Association

The group supports thoughtful efforts to ensure that our fisheries are sustainable and people that work in the industry will continue to make a living at commercial fishing in the county. Our members have served on lots of important committees and federal advisory boards to make smart choices. We do what it takes, and work with Monroe County Government Officials to bring balance and fair and impartial industry representation.
Lottie Q.

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Our Group Supports the Fishing Industry

Everyone had such a good time at the Seafood Festival this year. I think we need to make this a quarterly event or at least semi-annual, as it does so much good for the local Fish House restaurants. It is not just the Mahi-Mahi, but the huge amounts of Key West Pink Shrimp we sell.

Chris F.

Supporting the Commercial Fish Market

Between Marathon and Key West, the seafood market of choice is located at mile marker 25. Summerland Fish and Seafood Market has all the fresh fish, lobster, crab, and shrimp, plus more. On Fishermen's Row on Summerland Key, below Big Pine Key for our out of town guests. Whatever is fresh, we will have: Gulf shrimp - King Crab - Conch - Stone Crabs - Mussels - Lobster Tail - and the oh so nice Mangrove Snapper. See our website to order online and have it shipped fresh-frozen the same day. Thanks (add website link please).

Erwin Y.

Monroe County Fishermen's Association

If you get to your limit of dolphin, then you will be all smiles. It will still be plenty to get you by for dinner for many of nights. I also like to Go for the blackfin tuna bite at the Marathon Hump. That area just seems to produce the most fish.

Melisa K.

Florida Keys Fishing Industry

Things are good on the waters of the Florida Keys. It is something special to be able to catch a few fish from the docks. Catching blue crabs using chicken bones and lights at night is so fun.

Evan D.

Bait Fish catching in the Florida Keys

Another mammoth daytime swordfish has been caught off the Florida Keys. When the big fish come in to the marina, crowds quickly gathered to witness the weigh-in. We have caught lots of swordfish, including many 300-pounders and I've been waiting to get a big fish. Islamorada sportfishing professionals Richard Stanczyk and Vic Gaspeny pioneered modern techniques for daytime swordfishing in the Keys.

Clifford W.

All about the Florida Keys Mutton Snapper

Beginners start with baitfish, then bigger baitfish and, finally, top-of-the-line blue runners. The keys have the perfect environment for maximum fishing productivity. The list of gamefish caught on the Hump includes dolphin, blackfin tuna, amberjack, Blue Marlin, sailfish, and lots of sharks.

Ty Q.

Monroe Fishermen's Association

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