Marathon Restaurant Boat Dock Parking

Marathon Restaurant Boat Dock Parking

Feast your eyes on a steal-your-breath-away view of the Boat Dock Parking area at the Sunset Grille. Pull right up and there is a lot of room for a lot of boats on the end and down the docks towards the restaurant. This is the number one bar in town for the Tiki Bar pleasures and the bar side swimming pool. Eat in style with beautifully presented seafood platters, sandwiches, and those fancy frozen drinks. Find the bar at the upper base of the Seven Mile Bridge, very close to the boating entrance to Boot Key Harbor.
Bart U.

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Happy Times Boater Bar

Boater friendly is about as good as it gets, with mega plenty of boat parking. I love the food and the swimming Pool Bar. It is nicer to Sit Outside, rather than the upstairs bar. Around the pool is just far enough away from the live music players.

Tonia R.

Sunset Grille Dock

7 Knights Key Boulevard
Marathon FL 33050
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