Martello Trail Bicycle Pathway

Martello Trail Bicycle Pathway

Getting out and enjoying the beautiful island is so easy with all of the great bicycle pathways around the city. The fitness and sightseeing is a nice mix to get you ready for the daily Key West Happy Hours! Yes, burn a bunch of calories before you start drinking cocktails. We like the area over by the West Martello Tower, it is gorgeous.
Antoinette P.

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Attractions on Atlantic Avenue Key West

Lots to See when you stop and lock your bikes to walk around this area. Do not miss the White Street Pier, Higgs Beach, Astro Park, Casa Marina Tiki Bar, and of course it is right next to the West Martello Garden Park.

Toni B.

How is the Island Wide Bicycling

I love trail riding with no automobile traffic, that sounds good for us bikers. Before the ride begins, we discuss where we are going and the island attractions to stop. I do not like to ride near the big buses and cars going too fast around mile marker one. It is fun, but I get scared if the cars get in the way, so sidewalks are nice. I am not as strong as most, so I can't move as quickly between Stock Island and Mile Marker Zero. A super city to ride and you will not get into difficult situations if you follow traffic rules.

Aurora W.

Martello Pathway

1100 Atlantic Avenue
Key West FL 33040

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