Unique Things to Do on Duval

Unique Things to Do on Duval

Just outstanding and a really fun exhibit for all visitors to Key West. This is Mel Fisher, the real Treasure Hunter that made such a splash starting in around 1980 or so. They show you all sorts of fancy trinkets, dinnerware, coins, swords, and more. You see the life of the ship, all right there in front of you to see.
Corey Y.

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Key West Has Great Sightseeing Spots

You can find the museum at the lower end of Whitehead Street, the building is huge it is all about treasures and in 1985 when Mel Fisher found the pot of gold and silver of the Spanish Galleon named Atocha. This ship sank way back around 1622. How cool is it to be able to see the treasures pulled from the ocean floor so many years ago. Easily this is one of the top things to do in the City of Key West.

Paris L.

Visiting the Mel Fisher Museum

Do not miss the action in July when they have Mel Fisher Days on Duval. Yes, each year is a huge Block Party that is free to the public! This anniversary is of Mel Fisher finding the mother lode of the Atocha Ship. What fun on the closed off Duval Street, you get a free concert and many other activities!

Gregorio Q.

Key West to do List

Hi...A great sports bar near our keys condo at the annex: bigunskeywest.com. Even in the keys there are import sports events, like Monday Night Football, US Open, and Marlins Baseball to see!

Jose Q.

Admiralty Law and Shipwreck Salvage Regulations

All property is owned by someone seems a simple statement. What about when ownership no longer can be validated. Yes, somethings can be lost over time. Some things are discarded, some abandoned, some lost, and the owner moves on leaving what ever was lost to be discovered by others. If you toss a chicken bone on the ground, the ants move in. Items thrown away can be legally and rightly picked up by anyone discovering them! Yeah to Mel.

Scottie M.

Mel Fisher's Treasures

200 Greene Street
Key West FL 33040

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