Memorable Walking Parks

Memorable Walking Parks

The Old Seven Mile Bridge is spectacularly scenic for a long walk or bicycle ride. We think it is just the coolest thing to do and it is good for all ages. The old bridge is a living museum and brings you as close as you can to experiencing Henry Flagler's historic railroad that went to sea in the storm. The Florida Keys were in a decline before the bridge was built. This engineering marvel of its day, was the beginning of the uplift and increase of tourism. The bridge is the hero and listed On the National Register of Historic Places. I tell everyone that asks me about what to do, to make sure you take the trail down with camera in hand. Make sure you see closely at the structure and the rusting guardrails, just do not touch.
Teddy P.

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Checking out Flagler Bridge

Just how cute can it be for a dad to take his child out on such a lovely pathway. I must've taken hundreds of photos in the hour or so we toured the entire length of the flagler trail. Things like this really impress me because it is a living museum, I agree with your comment. More people need to try to get some cash together to donate for the continuing maintenance of this legendary bridge. Older people will tell you what it was like to drive over this bridge back when it was two-lane traffic. As you walk down the path, it is neat to think about a giant truck coming on the left side while you are trying to drive towards Big Pine Key. I would like to know the statistics of how many people actually died on this road while driving automobiles, kind of sad, but this road made Monroe County special.

Kris E.

Old Seven Mile Bridge

47000 Overseas Highway
Marathon FL 33050
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