Enchilada and Fajita Cafe

The Duval Street Mex Cafe is a huge hit with locals and guests, we come here often. The Dolphin Enchilada, Fish Tacos, and Seafood Fajitas are tops on the island. It is perfect for this fishing village style town. The Mango ice cream is delightful.

You can not go wrong with their cool menu. I am a fan of the Tropical Cheese Quesadillas. So good! Yes, one of a king is the Tropical Cheese Quesadillas.

We are always looking for new places to eat. We like vacations where there's plenty of places to get your burgers and sandwiches, good desserts, fresh cut French Fries, and of course we love a good breakfast combo to get things started. There's nothing like a good place to get some fajitas, tacos, and some enchiladas!
Vito W.

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Mexican Restaurant

The spicy food just is better, and really makes each bite so enjoyable. This is a really good restaurant that is close to key lime square. Good of the quesadillas with cheese, guacamole and sour cream. The menus good and covers a little bit of everything, even sauteed jumbo scallops made with black beans and rice, and really good grilled vegetables.

we are going back in a few minutes, this will be our third time eating here. We are leaving now. I just have to bring Lion King Kitty in from the Lion King Kitty condo. Tomorrow it is out on the Spirit of Independence for Boating.

Lenore U.

Old Town Mex Cafe

609 Duval Street
Key West FL 33040-6554

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