Middle Keys Family Park

Middle Keys Family Park

Try to find a nicer place to take the family for a day by the shore. This is a lovely place and just so darn pretty. The swing set has the magical views where you might just want to swing for a full hour! Kayaks are here to rent, which is an exceptional thing to do in the marked mangrove trails. It is easy for beginners as these are open kayaks without an enclosed deck, and they do not flip easy at all. These are the best Kayak Rental option for beginners as they are easily righted if overturned. We love Curry Hammock Park for a pitstop break on the drive down. Find the park at mile marker 56 oceanside.
Simon E.

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Play Park for Kids

We like to stop here when we are going through the middle keys to take advantage of the children's Playground area. You may not find a better place for some swings that the kids can play on. It is a family-style picnic park that offers you a chance to get your feet wet along the Shoreline. It is nice to put your wet shoes on and walk and six inches deep of water to the right which takes you behind the campground area. The park is a lot bigger than it looks, much of it is nature and mangroves plus the kayak trails. A lot of people bring their kayaks from their rental properties in Key Colony Beach and stop here at this park for a bathroom break. I forget what the rental fee is for the kayaks, it is well worth the money.

Kermit Z.

Curry Hammock

56200 Overseas Highway
Marathon FL 33050
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