Middle Keys Waterfront Park

Middle Keys Waterfront Park

What a super beach park, which has virtually everything you could want on a beach, including no whistle blowing lifeguards. This is the biggest Public Beach Park in the middle keys and it's brimming with activity. On the water you can snorkel, windsurf, toss frisbee or chill on the beach shore. The park has deep sand Volleyball Courts, a fishing pier and lots of happy go lucky people. The soft sand and shady coconut trees give it an island paradise feeling. Give this park a top ratings for families and there are plenty of bathrooms. The Shoreline on the Sister Creek side of the property has lots of fish to see in the shallow waters.
Alton U.

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Sightseeing Locations with your Kids

Everyone needs to go here if you are vacationing in the middle keys near mile marker 51. Most people fly right on by Marathon and do not know about this fine location. The Beach Park is about two miles behind the Kmart and very much a worthwhile stopping pick. Kids will really like the Playground swings which are primetime.

Damion D.

Sombrero Park

One Sombrero Beach Road
Marathon FL 33050
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