Middle Florida Keys Reef Exploration

Plan a few days ahead if you can, that way you get to pick the best weather. Go with a group to have the most fun, we like the snorkel trips and others in our group go scuba. The folks at the shop will tell you everything to make it easy on you.

If you go on a scuba dive, the current speed will be important. For the snorkel trips, worry most about the wind speed, direction, and how it will or not create waves. Planning tips for reef trips is a big deal.

Snorkel or scuba, it does not matter, just enjoy the water and experience. Do not push yourself, just float along and enjoy the show! After, head to Porky's for the giant plate full of seafood. Take it easy on the dive trip.
Jonathon Y.

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Good Times out on the Reef Boat

The boats are kind of far away on the mooring buoys, for safety of the reefs. So swim in that direction right away to save time. Look around for the small shallow sheltered reef ledges, with outcrops of coral creating small little passageways for the fish, sharks, and lobster to move through and you can sneak up on them. We came down to test our new caribe inflatable, mooring at the Boot Key Harbor Marina. Great times.

Janelle I.

Middle Florida Keys Reef Exploration

Abyss divers successfully removed hundreds of invasive Lionfish from Florida Keys waters during our dive trip. We went during the annual Florida Keys Lionfish derby series in Long Key. The lion fish derby is organized by Florida Keys national Marine Sanctuary and reef environmental education foundation. Marathon derby attendees sampled cooked Lionfish appetizers and viewed fillet demonstrations.

When you get home from the dive trip, look for your Catman circus kitty under the bed. The rain and lighting was wild, and your area got hammered with rain. No need to water the plants or grass for two days!

Bonnie R.

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