Mallory Square Everything Store

Mallory Square Everything Store

This little shop has saved me plenty of times, you can pop right over from Mallory Square. There is another entrance on that side of the building as well. They have anything you may have forgotten, get lotion, water, film, or whatever.

Prices are so good, which is not what I expected. I assumed everything was going to be priced up for the island, but the five dollar stores have changed it all.

It is nice being able to get Quick Snacks and save up for one big meal out at a restaurant like China Garden or Kaya Island Eats per day. This city has lots of cheaper places like here, plus Walgreens, Subway, Tj Maxx, and Burger King too! Competition is a Good Thing.
Rae U.

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Quick Snack Shop

I think a place like this would clean up if they sold six-packs, rather than just single beer. People need a place to buy six-packs of beer for the hotel rooms and pool parties. This is a 7-11 kind of good for everything store. No six packs!

Alexandra L.

Quick Stop Shop

Wow. That is fantastic. What a great idea. I never would have thought of it. It is a great place to go for anything your forgot, plus enjoy the Pub Crawl Duval trip.

Sierra B.

Millie's British Shop

425 Front Street
Key West FL 33040-6661

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