Fishing Pole Store

Fishing Pole Store

A little experience and knowledge goes along way to the art building a fishing rod. If you need some equipment, this is where I would go first and you will get a high quality product suited specifically to your main Florida Keys fishing targets. This is one of The Stores to expand your fishing line and buy a pure Florida Keys style rod. Easy to find near the Whistle Stop Bar.
Beatrice T.

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Fishing Pole Store

You can fish from the shore and catch good fish, even keepers. We stayed right up the street at the Cheeca Lodge and the manager there said the guy here was great. I got a basic graphite fishing pole, one that gives me all the flexibility for Shoreline and reef patch fishing. We are going to split our time between the backcountry past Snake Creek and also hit some rock ledges three to five miles off shore. We caught two small shark right behind the Cheeca Lodge at night during high tide.

Estela T.

MM83 Fishing Rod Shop

The Key Largo Rod shop is right down from the Village Gourmet Restaurant. Love that place, great breakfast breads and all the fancy coffees. Also, we are really pushing the catch and release etiquette. Please do it correctly. Be sure to always follow the dehooking rules to improve survival rates. Get them in the water. Release fish gently head first into the water.

Noah S.

Fishing Rod Shop

82685 Overseas Highway
Islamorada FL 33036

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