Ideas for getting Wet

Molasses Reef is one my top picks, easy to get to by boat and a really good snorkel site. You can make this one very easily on a private boat if you are bring your own. All of the big Dive Boats in Key Largo or Tavernier go out to the park daily. It is an SPA, so no fishing here. Part of the Key Largo Marine Sanctuary.
Peter K.

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Places for Florida Keys Scuba

Very good, pick a nice visibility day. It is a beautiful reef and will have lots of boats out. See lots of marine life and the fish are abundant. Easy to spot by the nearly fifty foot buoy tower.

Rosanne G.

Molasses Reef Underwater Video

Mooring buoys are well marked, you want to remember which one you start on M1-M33.

Malinda T.

Nature Lovers

We are nature lovers Underwater and above in the upper keys. If you decide to quit your job for any reason, we can live like mick dodge on nat geo tv. I have decided to let my hair and beard grow full like the man the legend of mick dodge national geographic channel here!

The legend of mick dodge goes as a story, as twenty five years ago, mick dodge walked away from the modern world, leaving civilization behind to live alongside nature's wonders. That is right, with the fancy Coleman canopy and the everglades so close, we can live off the land! Mick dodge show is good, plus I just got the wooden chairs for the everglades dropped off by fedex. We have chairs, cover, and plenty of nature to explore. Lets go hiking soon, as it is a breeze to drive up to the everglades!

Rena L.

Dive Molasses Reef

99701 Overseas Highway
Key Largo FL 33037

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