Oceanfront Hotel at Mile Marker 54

Oceanfront Hotel at Mile Marker 54

Located in the Middle Florida Keys on the Islands Of Marathon and sits right along the Atlantic Ocean. Offers both oceanfront and street view rooms. It sits directly next to the Key Colony Beach Community Center and the Breezes Beach Bar.

Wow is this a nice stay. You get to watch all the boats cruising by the Shoreline as the boaters go from Key Colony Beach or Coco Pulm towards Marathon and the seven mile bride.

This eclectic hotel offers the best of all worlds: local golf, beach area, and next to a great Tiki Bar. We had fun, would do it again.

We love having a swimming pool with beautiful views. It's great to be able to come back to the hotel and lounge around and luxury, but for a good price. We really enjoyed Havana Jack's for the Food and Cocktails, plus music.
Janie C.

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Swimming Pool Vacations

What Months are Best for Florida Keys? Yes, our vacation to Marathon should be in the warm months. You want to vacation in the Florida Keys when the water temperatures are at least 85 degrees, so you can jump right into the pool and off the boat at the reefs. It is very nice here in the summer, all good and swimable.

Nell E.

Hotel in Key Colony Beach

Just so fun is this community, and the amount of boater friendly rentals and restaurants shines bright. If you are vacation planning with a boat, start first with Key Colony Beach and Marathon. Next look for a spot at (1) Islamorada (2) Summerland (3) Coco Plum (4) Key West (5) Big Pine and (6) Key Largo.

Boyce T.

Your Hotel in the Florida Keys

A great little hotel, and in a very primetime location. Use the bicycle paths from your room, it is easy to zip around down the Keys. Playing a round of golf is nice at the park when we're not fishing off our dock. You have arrived in Key Colony Beach when you see the sign, what's your hurry as you're already here. A sweet island and just a stone's throw from Marathon at Mile Marker 53+ oceanside.

Mercedes C.

Ocean Beach Club

351 East Ocean Drive
Key Colony Beach FL 33051-0009

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