Florida Keys Snorkeling for Dummies

Trips to the Florida Keys used to be all about land based sightseeing, but no more. Our family started with Snorkeling trips to the reef. Everything is so magical Underwater. Now we take dive trips, this one is our favorite.

This is the way to witness the wonders of the Florida Keys underwater world without time-consuming training. Yes, no heavy tank equipment, ad this family-friendly adventure had our style. So neat is it to breath underwater.

Looking for some excitement to spice up your Florida Keys Vacation, this is the spot. The reef system off of Key Largo is known all over the world. See some really interesting underwater wrecks, marine life, and tropical fish.
Wendell G.

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Pick Snorkel Snuba or Scuba

Please post this on your website. We just thought this was the best dive trip going. Had a great time as you can see from the video. Snorkeling is easy, snuba intermediate, and scuba more advanced.

Mae F.

Dive Trips out to Spiegal Grove

We can buzz down US1 from Kendall in about an hour. Ocean Divers makes it easy for us in South Florida to enjoy the best of reef or Shipwreck sightseeing Underwater.

Abram O.

Dive Charters to the Vandenberg

The boat captain and crew staff are very nice and knowledgeable. This is a must do trip for Key West family adventure diving. See a wide range of fish, many you do not know what they are and some big ones too. This is special fun and the water at looe key had about 75ft of clarity.

Try to avoid stormy and cloudy days when scheduling a snorkel trip as a sunny day will mean more water color and clarity. If you can take Underwater video, scuba is then that is even better. You can take dive charters to the Vandenberg Shipwreck or go Spearfishing for long periods. As your experience grows, try to upgrade to scuba certification.

Doretha P.

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