Old Town Market Center

Old Town Market Center

Most of the shops around the city are really good for gifts and wearables, as the island is more than a party town. You will not believe the history of this building, which is one of the oldest on the island. It is kind of like a mini-mall, with two stories of Things to See. The old photos of Key West are attached to the inside wall, do see them for sure.
Noelle R.

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Great Spots for All Ages

With kids, go here for sure. The nature focus and exotic live birds at Key Encounter on the second floor is just fantastic. There is something for everyone at this historic shopping center.

Kathrine P.

Shopping Favorites

There's so much to do in this town, we have to plan all of the cool places. The Old Town Market is my favorite for Shopping, we have to go there on the first day is I want to check out The Deals that they have. I like to go there look at the prices, and then look to see if I can somehow beat the price around town and make my big purchases on the last day. To me it was a great idea to get the Truman Annex condominium townhouse rental, because it's so close to the Shopping and Sloppy Joe's bar!

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Chelsea D.

Old Town Market

291 Front Street
Key West FL 33040
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