Oldest House Museum

If it's your first time to Key West, you may not understand or appreciate the history of this island. Hopefully, if you take in a half a dozen or so of the historic places around the the area, it will all start to sink in. History buffs and locals to the region love the simple things like pondering the past, and there is no better place to do just that.
Carole M.

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The oldest days in Key West

This home is so old and records are sketchy, but it appears to be built in 1836. Just think how many generations back from you that is. Remember this is way back when times were much different, they had no running water or electricity.

Pete E.

Home of the annual Conch Shell Blowing Contest

One of the better events on the island is the Conch Shell Blowing Contest. This is part of the Old Island Days Festivities, where folks produce all sorts of funny sounds when they try to make a little music out of a giant conch shells. Yes, it is a great contest, a real hoot! This event happens in the backyard garden of the Oldest House and is free!

Antonia S.

Oldest House Museum

322 Duval Street
Key West FL 33040

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