Supermarkets Come in All Sizes

Supermarkets Come in All Sizes

You want to stop at one of the big grocery stores heading into the island to get the main stuff for your condo or hotel kitchen. Our family likes to stop here for orange juice, the perfect breakfast drink for the islands. We tend to buy our fish at the docks, not the retail stores.
Imelda Y.

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Fresh Fruit at the Market

Prices are really good for fruit as it comes in fresh from just up the Florida Keys in Homestead. Every time we have visited the store, they have fresh pineapples for sale.

Mara F.

Shopping for Food is So Easy

The old style stores look so cute and pack so much stuff inside. You can go to Publix or Winn-Dixie back home, on vacations here we go to the local stores.

Cecile W.

Charlies Market

2210 Patterson Avenue
Key West FL 33040-3814

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