Party on the Boat

What a party and you just cannot have a better time enjoying the waterfront. You get to buzz around up high on the giant ship with plenty of tunes, cocktails, and smiles! This is one of the must do attractions here in the islands.

I thought they did a great job with the wide variety of upbeat music. From start to finish they take care of you and fill up your glasses too. Expect Really good Service on the Boat.

This is the big boat you will notice the first night you go to Mallory Square. You can tell that is a good time just by watching all the laughs and smiles of the people on board. The biggest party going on during sunset. It is a State of the Art Catamaran.
Sheryl B.

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Take a Boat Ride

We loved the party cat boat ride. It was fun and so was the trip overall. Our condominium was all rigged up for the fish we would bring back. It makes Life on the Water easy too, no cast net, and a big boat ride! The condo even had a barbecue, that is where we were going to cook our catch. They will prepare it any way you like. Go with blackened. Make sure to stop and try the Pastries and Bread Cafe during your trip.

Fern R.

Watersports Boat

Do all the boat rides for sure. They even have a fishing boat where you catch fish. One suggestion is to take your fish catch directly to the Schooner Wharf Bar, even easier than cooking it yourself.

This is the type of thing most people would be thrilled, and you will want to take plenty of photos. Mutton Snapper are the keepers you want. It is an interactive boat and Fishing Trip is just the perfect combination, the ride out eight miles is nice. The captain and mates are all jovial and entertaining, and you can bring beer out too, keeping it lively and fun.

Carlos K.

Party Cat

201 Williams Street
Key West FL 33040

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