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What a blast we had here, a long four night weekend. All was great at the hotel and this nice city. The hotel location is close to lots to do.

The Pennekamp Park has a fine beach and a unique oceanfront atmosphere. Make a Day of It there. Plan on eating lots of tasty seafood and beer refreshments at the party bars by the water, like Snappers Cafe and JJ Chill Bar.

It is sweetly located and you can walk to an assortment of attractions and restaurants. We went on the Sailors Choice, that was so exciting. The hotel resort area is amazing and be sure to go out on Keys Diver Snorkel Boat and we loved Mrs Mac's Kitchen.

Love that Caribbean Club for live music at night, with bands on the water. We brought our own boat which adds lots of spice to a Florida Keys day. Because of the breeze and water play, the summer is great here.
Ashley W.

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Pelican Vacation Cottage Rentals

Not a huge place, but it does have just over twenty total units on the property. Expect a relaxing spot, with clean and quiet Cottages to call home. Do not the Excellent Boating Starting Spot and lots of other boater friendly places nearby.

You may want to bring that little thing of half-n-half with a little bit of ice around it. For your coffee, you will drink plenty of coffee with all the activities. Cherish every moment with a Sunset Celebration Vacation in Key Largo!

Edison P.

Mile Marker Ninety-Nine

If you do not fall in love with kayak travel here, you have no prayer! It is amazing to do and great for fitness. I lost six pounds in a week and we drank beer-alcohol each night.

Nelda B.

Affordability in the Florida Keys

The best part of a Key Largo vacation is that it costs less than you may think since there is no plane ticket. For all of us in South Florida, this place is a dream. No matter what your budget, there is a good hotel in the Upper Keys for you.

Olive Q.

Pelican Bayfront Resort

I was worried about the water, but it turned out to be an overall good experience. The water behind the hotel is exceptionally clean and perfect to swim, play on a float, or take a kayak ride. Wow, this is beautiful.

Ophelia M.

Coral Reef Vacation Cottages

We picked this hotel to be near the coral reefs of the Keys National Sanctuary. Boat trips are cheap if you schedule online. This part of the Florida Keys Reef Tract has more to see and lots of shipwrecks. The living coral barrier reef is a must-see.

Nigel C.

Pelican Waterfront Cottages

99340 Overseas Highway
Key Largo FL 33037

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