Islamorada Boater Friendly Cottage

Islamorada Boater Friendly Cottage

Pleasure trip, that really works well for the Florida Keys Boater. However, you can easily leave the boat at home and enjoy the area on the hotel kayaks. Try to kayak in the direction of the wind as you head out from the boat ramp. That makes it nice and easy when you turn and head back.
Kareem N.

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Boating on the High Tide

The boat ramp here works great on high tide. You have to check the tide charts and dump in then, which makes it nice. They need to dredge it out a bit.

Gracie S.

Islamorada Hotels with Boat Docks

Room for about eight boats, very nice for the fishing person that needs to dock the boat during vacation.

Joy L.

Islamorada Summer Hotel Swimming Season

We found the Islamorada Summer Sale, but you have to negotiate on the phone. You will enjoy the property here steps from the ocean, and you get a suite with a kitchenette.

Dewey O.

Bring your boat to this Islamorada Hotel

An island style motel and marina, this worked out fine. Located in Islamorada (the heart of the keys), and just off the beaten noisy path of Overseas Highway. The hotel is on a side road. It is a big tropical area with a bunch of oceanfront, dock space, and has a boat ramp on the property as well as an Oceanside Swimming Pool.

Juliana Q.

Mile Marker Eighty Resort

The mini-kitchens are fine for making some Key Lime Pie. Just stop on the way down at mile marker 91 and hit the grocery store (91200 Overseas Hwy). Here is all you need to make each pie, we made three here at Pines and Palms upstairs unit. Key Lime Pie Ingredients List: Lime Zest (1 tablespoon) - Sugar (2 tablespoons) - Whip Cream (8 ounce container fat-free) - Fat-free Sweetened Condensed Milk (14-ounce) - Fresh Lime (wedge cut to garnish) - Key Lime Juice (1 cup) - Fat-free Sour Cream (1 cup) - Butter (optional 1/2 stick melted or 2 egg yolks) - Eggs (two whole) - Graham Cracker Crumbs (1 1/2 cups).

Augusta D.

Pines and Palms

80401 State Road 4A
Islamorada FL 33036

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