Pontunes Waterfront Tiki Bar

Our top pick for the weekend is the Saturday afternoon Pig Roast Party at Pontunes. What fun, it is Always a good Time with the live music and the water. The band schedule is excellent here, even good Monday through Friday. Everyday is a party in Key Largo.
Abigail J.

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On the Menu at the Jewfish Creek Bar

The Boat Rentals are so fun and they have a nice restaurant. Just have to have their blackened shrimp dish, it is so yummy. The yellowfin grilled salad is a nice starter. Of course, not on pig roast day.

Kevin B.

Jewfish Creek Bridge Restaurant

This is also one of the best spots for a Key Largo Boat Rental. A quick and easy Miami Day Trip to the Florida Keys!

Lowell V.

Top of the Florida Keys Restaurant

Let's pop in here for thirty minutes or more for lunch on the way down to Key West. We have always passed it up.

Domingo Z.

Upper Florida Keys Boat Rentals and Bar

It is neat to Rent a Boat and tour the area. Just an hour down from Miami, it makes for the perfect day trip and no need to get a rooom. The Barnes Sound Waterway is teaming with fish and is nicely protect from the wind. Just go under the Jewfish Creek Bridge and go left.

Jason F.

Pontunes Tiki Marina

107690 Overseas Highway
Key Largo FL 33037-3101

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