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We got certified at the Rainbow Reef Key Largo Dive School. For those too timid, was is really hot is the increasingly popular SNUBA diving. Yes, Surface Nexus Underwater Breathing Apparatus is what this means. Unlike scuba diving, the diver does not require any type of scuba diving certification. What a cool new way to go.
Doretha T.

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Voyage to the Shipwreck Dive Spots

Your starting location is perfect to quickly get out for the best of Ocean Reef and wreck diving. Your group could go out a thousand times and still have more Shipwreck spots to checkout. For those that need some dive training and education, you can get that here as well. Weekends in Key Largo are so fun...this town likes watersports and partytime!

Mike C.

Great trip out to the Reefs

Some of the world's best Scuba Diving starts right off the coast of Key Largo. The area is fun and inviting, with so many unique places to go snorkel or dive.

Denver I.

Rainbow Reef Dive

Super video of a Rainbow Reef Dive. Very impressed. I am planning our next trip down.

Sebastian M.

Upper Florida Keys Dive Sites

A few dive sites we like a lot are in the upper keys. Grecian Rocks is a great shallow water dive spot ranging from 5 to 25 feet. The pros like to do the Spiegel Grove, the 500 foot ship is a special treat to divers. So nice is Carysfort Reef, named after a huge gun ship sank in 1770. Look for the thirteen mooring buoys surrounding the Lighthouse, six miles out.

Tracy B.

Custom Dive Scuba Fleet

Close to the Key Largo Sub Shop near Publix, called Chubs and Subs. Very Good Food, plus the chinese restaurant in there is amazing. Tower Pizza rocks for the way the pizza is filled really high with the onions, meatballs, and the veggies.

Emory F.

Rainbow Reef Dive

100800 Overseas Highway
Key Largo FL 33037

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