Rent a Scooter Shop

Rent a Scooter Shop

It is flat out really entertaining to buzz around the island on a scooter. Whenever people ask what is the most important thing to do in Key West, I tell them a moped rental. All of the rides have a nice basket, lock, lights, and electric start so they are easy and loaded. Put this on the mandatory to do list! Zoom-Zoom Beep-Beep!
Gerardo P.

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Scooters to Tour the Island

We had so much fun using the scooters to tour the island. You can see every inch of the area and will not miss any of the landmarks Around the Waterfront parameter. Auto parking is a mess in Key West, and that is where the scooter shines.

Germaine B.

Out for a little Sightseeing Cruise

For a family of four, the way to go is the electric car. It is a really neat way to see all of the sightseeing locations and parks on the island. The scooters are way too fun, but with children go with the four seater. On the scooter you can stop for groceries, beer, wine, or pizza and put it in the basket. So fun is island life buzzing around!

Millie M.

Rent a Scooter

523 Truman Avenue
Key West FL 33040

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