This Key Largo Restaurant will Cook your Fish

This Key Largo Restaurant will Cook your Fish

The Sailor's Choice party fish boat captain told us to take our mahi-mahi and they will cook it for us here. Keep it on ice or in the hotel refrigerator. You can have it put into the classic sandwich style or go with a basket or entree. It is a sure thing to do if you go on a upper florida keys Fishing Trip. First hit the hotel pool and then get all clean up and then head to the restaurant. What a great pleasure it is to eat your fish on the same exact day you caught it.
Hester Y.

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They will cook your Yellowtail Snapper

Ask them to cook your Yellowtail Snapper Ceviche Style and it is done so well. Yes, the fresh yellowtail snapper you caught today on the boat. Bring it and they will do a ten minute marinate for you using lemon and key lime juice, and then cooked in with cilantro, Peppers, onion, red tomatoes, and then served with flavored tostadas. Yummy.

April T.

Grilled Seafood for Catch or no Catch

We had a lot of fun and got to try all the good Local Restaurants for seafood and the frozen zombie drinks that are so strong! I like it here for lunch and for happy hours go with JJ's Chill House or the Marriott Grille, which has really nice deals. For breakfast the Conch House is very unique.

Gay L.

We love our Fishing and Seafood Fests

I really enjoy eating at the end of the channel sitting outside at the Buzzards Roost Patio. We mainly go to all the Seafood Places, burgers are for anywhere else but the islands. Patio Dining in the Keys is all about Shrimp and Ice Cold Beers.

Reed Z.

Buzzard's Hook and Cook

21 Garden Cove Drive
Key Largo FL 30337

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