Boating to the Islamorada Sandbar

This is one Florida Keys park that is empty except for the nature at 8am, but in just a few hours packed with boaters. So much fun, this party will put you in a good mode instantly! It is located just off shore from the fabulous Holiday Isle Resort, one of the top places to stay or have dinner in the keys.
Angel S.

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Very Splashable Wet and Wild

Very fun time and one you have to do. I love how the Resort often displays hotel room rates or discounts on their sign out front on US1. You see it as you drive past.

Kendra G.

Waverunner Trips

You don't even have to have a fancy boat to take advantage of the Islamorada Sandbar. Use the kayak from the Shoreline, as it's not far out at all. You can enjoy the whole party experience and actually I think it's better on a kayak, just my personal opinion.

This area is just so lovely and now we stay here often. It is a tough decision for us whether we are going to stay in Marathon, Key West or Islamorada. There are some good places to go for cocktails. Music is what it's all about and strong poor alcohol. Great bands and they have music each night right on the waterfront.

Do not miss this and over at mile marker eighty one, on the bay side. Great vibe at the Lorelei Cabana Bar and you can park the car or come and dock by boat. They have a huge list of alcohol drinks, all the fancy kinds too, wine, and beer on menu, so you will love the options. Pull right up on your boat or rental rig, tie off and order up. The Lorelei is all about fun, strong drinks, and seafood!

Berry H.

Islamorada Sandbar

84001 Overseas Highway
Islamorada FL 33036

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